Accelerated Pharma is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company whose drug development strategy is based on individualized targeting of patients using genomics.   With this approach, our proprietary drugs will be used for patients selected in advance of treatment in order to provide greater potential of responding to these therapies.

Our business strategy is to apply this proprietary genomic platform to in-licensed late-stage assets with   of pre-existing clinical data that fits our model.

Our lead product candidate, Picoplatin, is a next generation platinum-based chemotherapy agent with extensive clinical data that has demonstrated signs of (1) overall efficacy, (2) ability to overcome tumor resistance to other platinum drugs, and (3) with significantly reduced neuropathy.  We believe that ombining Picoplatin with our genomic approach promises to offer significant improvement over current standards of care.  We are pursuing clinical testing and ultimately regulatory approval for Picoplatin in multiple indications in the US and other key markets.

Our management has a proven track record in clinical development. In their prior projects, our team members have secured approval for nearly a dozen different drugs.